Brigitta Balogh (b. 1991, Szeged, Hungary) starts photography at 2015. The style was deep, dark, abstract at the begining, later more clean and focused for persons, actually events.

I had learn by myself, and descover the possibilites with a camera alone.
Later I start to work next professional photographers and worked in studios, then I got know how use the studio lights and more.
Also I had some workshop about model, and wedding photography.

Work with

Since 2019
Dffrntly,  event organizer company,
Budapest, Hungary

Since 2021
Darkstore, webshop, and event organizer,
Budapest, Hungary

Since 2020
Nemes Balint Model Management
Budapest, Hungary

This example portfolio website includes work from the following photographers:
Avi Richards, Chris Barbalis, Marjan Blan, Raban Haajik

Using Format